Shelter me Lord:
4:29 a.m.
Trying to hear You.
Trying to know You by heart and by Name.
Trying to open my eyes to You
... and feel no shame.
The shades of You.
When I walk into a room
or place where You have been
My world turns from black and white to color.
I shudder.
I seek Your cover.
I seek to know You,
to find shelter under Your hover.
Hold me to You.
Hold me to You.
Hold Us in view.
Hold my feet on the steps marked, “We”.
Hold my feet on stones, tenderly.
The 4:51 bell rings in my mind silently.
I feel Your presence about me.
You surrounded me even when the clock struck three.
You entwined me –
before I was able to sleep.
There is something about You,
that just won’t keep.
That I feel but am yet able to reap.
Sleep, sweet sleep.
Wrap Your arms around me –
In the desert that lies between us.
Wrap Your arms around me.
Call me Your oasis.
Float me up river to You.
You are my oasis…
Let me live on the banks of Your basis.
You hold me safe from time’s bomb.
You are my rhythm.
You are my song.
Shelter me, Lord,
in Your ribbons and trestles,
in the freedom of Your arms.

© jan leree open poetry, LLC 2012

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