Is the wall
Between you and your dreams
your hopes,
your potential ...
your God...
... Real?
Or is it …

© jan leree 2012
Let the leaf fall …
Let the skies reflect …
Let life do its work on me …
Let Love have its’ effect.

© jan leree 2012
When I rest in the water's edge
at the place where the waves lap on the bay ...
My mind is calmed.
My soul is held in sway.

(c)jan leree 2012
 May the fire inside …
Keep the gleam in your eye
Keep the vigor in your stroke
or in your stride …
May the last force of it's ember,
... Keep you alive!

© jan leree 2012
The water tower,
looms and sings …
As the lace of spring
Delicate with intrigue,
Magnificently clings…

© jan leree 2012
 In the wilderness…
Of the wild,
And the flower …
We are invited,
To enjoy the delicacies …
... Of elaborate detail!

© jan leree 2012
The gold and red lamp
Of my soul burns…
I was reclaimed for glory,
From yesterday’s recycled,
Disabled turns.

© jan leree 2012
 The wasting of the skin…
The wasting, a life,
dim within…
The wasting of time,
Slips easily over the rim…
... The wasting of my life,
Never again.

© jan leree 2012
Is where everything can come to rest …
And it is all ok.
Is where we bring our best,
But even if we fail …
Stumble or travail
Home’s Love will prevail.
Home is where my heart is …
May home harmonize,
With where all my values lie.

© jan leree 2012

What I fear in shadow …
Is often a heart wrenching beauty,
in reality.

© jan leree 2012
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    My name is Jan Leree.  I am a nurse, legal nurse consultant, poet and above all, mother of four wonderful adult children. I am writing here from my own life experiences, in loss, in grief, in humor and in joy.  I hope that you will find encouragement to face your life's circumstances by visiting my pages here.  My heart and prayers are in a place to offer encouragement to you.  The rights to the poetry and photographs are copyrighted to me.  If you wish to purchase cards, post cards, calendars, or framed art of my work, you may do so.  Email me at:


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