Sometime, you may need to be a voice for someone who has had their tongue cut out emotionally.  If so, do it with all your ability.

What happens,
When Good Boys …
Become bad? 

What happens …
When it was a pastor’s son,
Who put his hand,
Up your lap …
Things went from bad to worse,
After that …

Rape, even Conception,
In a church yard …
“Oh”, you say…
“These words are hard!”

“You shouldn’t talk like that” …
But who is going to speak,
For the woman or girl …
When Good Boys,
Turn to bad?

You felt warm…
You felt cold.
You felt like a child
You felt old …
You felt loved.
You felt sliced.
You felt torn by the water with ice…
In that moment you lost your voice.
The cloak will speak loud
and people will bow.
You will not be heard.
You will be thrown as a wafer …
You have become,
The terd.

Truth curdles …
Truth, makes the lies hurdle …
Truth, in reveal …purges.
Truth, it’s only purpose …
Is that it sets free
and in that purpose…
Truth heals.

©2012 jan leree

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    My name is Jan Leree.  I am a nurse, legal nurse consultant, poet and mother . I am writing here from my own life experiences, in loss, in grief, in humor and in joy.  I hope that you will find encouragement to face your life's circumstances by visiting my pages here.  My heart and prayers are in a place to offer encourage-ment to you.  The rights to the poetry and photographs are copyrighted to me.  If you wish to purchase cards, post cards, calendars, or framed art of my work, you may do so.  Email me at:
    If you have an emergency, dial 911.  If you need someone to talk you,  are in a grief crisis, you may call this number and someone will answer and help you find resources in your area (971) 645-8183.


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