On a recent Friday, my 18 year old son commented that I was way too happy ... as I was trying to physically drag him to the deck so he could see what I was seeing ...(I was on no drugs or substances at the time.) He continued to lay on the floor but said he could see what I could see... this poem and photo are a compilation of he and me... He in prostration ... me in standing ovation ... we both saw THIS...

I do not ...know
What to do
But to wait
In complete adoration of You.

I do not know
What to do
But to lie calmly
In complete prostration to You.

I do not know
What to do
But to bow
In contemplation
Waiting on restoration
Submitting in complete standing ovation …
To You.

Be here now.
So I can be there …
If ever…

©2012 jan leree

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    Photographer: Benjamin Ashlock benjaminashlock@gmail.com


    My name is Jan Leree.  I am a nurse, legal nurse consultant, poet and above all, mother of four wonderful adult children. I am writing here from my own life experiences, in loss, in grief, in humor and in joy.  I hope that you will find encouragement to face your life's circumstances by visiting my pages here.  My heart and prayers are in a place to offer encouragement to you.  The rights to the poetry and photographs are copyrighted to me.  If you wish to purchase cards, post cards, calendars, or framed art of my work, you may do so.  Email me at:  janlereewhidden@gmail.com


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