Last evening, Jonny Ashlock and I had dinner with Kayla Fioravanti, Dennis & Caiden, Elizabeth Ghormley & Dennis Ghormley, Mark Alan Effinger & Olivia, Tyler, Dean & Cheri Perry. Since we hadn't seen each other in 15 years, I was taking photos and realize today that I did not take photos with you guys and myself ... I do want you to know that I was there with you at least in spirit and this photo... is proof:

Being in the room …
Really means,
Experiencing the people…
Feeling the lapse of time …
Listening to the reasons,
they have become, so fine.

Being in the room …
Does not mean “being the room”…
It does mean staying,
not leaving,
not walking out …
Just when the conversation was starting to bloom.

Being in the room …
Means staying, til the talk quiets down to the marrow…
Staying, til the road of friendship,
Merges to the bridge that is narrow.

Thank you all, for building in this world
a much better, tomorrow!

©2012 jan leree

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