Become speechless ...
from time to time ...
Become completely covered ...
in Heaven's entwine.

(c)jan leree 2013
Have you ever noticed,
there are people who only tell you,
when you've done something wrong?
They drain life,
they carry death ...
... though they live.

Be a life bearer.

Be a life bearer.
May I bring the breath of life
with me every day,
wherever I go.

(c)jan leree 2012
Take time
every day ...
to be completely still ...
Be captured ...
... in dismay.

(c)jan leree 2012
At the pinnacle,
of every struggle ...
is something
worth experiencing.

(c)jan leree 2012
The hour, It is late …
the time calls yet …
as the soul ties
permeate through the gate.

©jan leree 2012
it ends.
Night, in tenderness bends...
Life, in sweet, sweet newness...
Begins again.

(c)jan leree 2012
What I see
can not always be said ...
Notice your life!
When my ship comes in,
will I know ...?
The way You move,
The way You brush against me,
When I walk …
The way You breathe in the wind …
The way You care less,
... About what offends the egos of men.
In so many unspeakable ways …
You touch me …
You set my soul free.

© jan leree 2012
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    My name is Jan Leree.  I am a nurse, legal nurse consultant, poet and above all, mother of four wonderful adult children. I am writing here from my own life experiences, in loss, in grief, in humor and in joy.  I hope that you will find encouragement to face your life's circumstances by visiting my pages here.  My heart and prayers are in a place to offer encouragement to you.  The rights to the poetry and photographs are copyrighted to me.  If you wish to purchase cards, post cards, calendars, or framed art of my work, you may do so.  Email me at:


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