Tie your ribbons through her hair ...
Let her feel your presence, n’er to roam...
Let her know you are there ...
You are near ...
you are nearing home.

© jan leree 2012
There must have been 30 to 40 sailboats that passed by this afternoon and these two stay to do a dance ... It was a beautiful hour on the Columbia.

They sailed in trance
As in lovers’ dance

© jan leree 2012
The Thing About Love,
... Sometimes, it just takes your breath away!

 a thousand paintbrushes,
dipped in ten thousand hues,
waving in the winding rushes.
A hundred soft and summer breezes,
sighing verdant willow trees,
songs of unnumbered muse,
here is where the lover pleases

(c)Guest Poet:  Timo Antero Onjukka 2012

Second Echo:
a thousand paintbrushes
cannot paint ...
a thousand winds
cannot breeze my face ...
a hundred willows
cannot dance ...
the way the loved
lover entrances and shoe laces.

(c) jan leree 2012
You left the light on,
You held out,
through your rivers of tears.
You remembered my name,
After all these years …

© jan leree 2012

Even though it has been many years
and rivers of tears
since last your lips formed my name,
your heart never forgot...

(c)Guest Poet:  Timo Antero Onjukka 2012
  When I walked past the red chair …
I totally knew,
that you had been there …
The scent of your skin,
Remained in the air.
... I looked and looked …
But all I could do,
Was whisper a prayer.

© jan leree 2012


shhh, the willows and the pines
are kneeling in the spring air,
echoing your silent prayer
along horizoned mountain lines.

Guest Poet:  (c) Timo Antero Onjukka 2012

If the trees can pause to kneel ...
Then surely, I can hold myself,
in the memory of your scent ...
wait for the mourning...
and be still.

(c) jan leree 2012

...a bier in the morning,
and i'm mourning, dear

(c) Timo Antero Onjukka 2012
  This photo is evidence,
that I was there.
There is my DNA,
on this chair.
Evidence is lacking to know,
... were you there ...
or did I just imagine it so?

(c) jan leree 2012
You bring your boat,
I’ll bring mine …
The day will be hot,...
The fish will be biting …
We may not notice,...
We may lose track of time …

© jan leree 2012
What did the Tulip sing to the Daffodil?

"Lean on Me.
When You're Not Strong.
I'll help you carry on."

"And when I get tired,
We'll probably together, fall down."

(c) jan leree open poetry, llc
Tulips …
Their season is so short.
But their impression,
Lasts a lifetime.

(c)jan leree 2012
Springtime parades,
in masks and shades…
Leaves tender bend
in full hearted raves…
Flowers part
into broken hearted ways…
And buds dance
as if dragon fly silhouettes,
dusking the day...

©2012 jan leree.

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    My name is Jan Leree.  I am a nurse, legal nurse consultant, poet and above all, mother of four wonderful adult children. I am writing here from my own life experiences, in loss, in grief, in humor and in joy.  I hope that you will find encouragement to face your life's circumstances by visiting my pages here.  My heart and prayers are in a place to offer encouragement to you.  The rights to the poetry and photographs are copyrighted to me.  If you wish to purchase cards, post cards, calendars, or framed art of my work, you may do so.  Email me at:  janlereewhidden@gmail.com


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